Core Programs

CORE provides Mental Health Services to youth and family on a lower level of care. CORE is a combination of 14 various services that uses client-centered treatment, utilizing the client/families strengths, and incorporating evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Currently our treatment model is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Intensive Family Intervention

Team approach consisting of one lead therapist (state licensed professional) and two paraprofessionals Services are available 24 hours 7 days a week Services are delivered wherever the youth is placed, but primarily home-based Services last for a minimum of 90 days Youth is typically seen a minimum 4 times a week.

  Pre-Marital and Marital Program

We have trained certified therapist that can help you answer the fore mention question. We are committed in assisting couples making the right decision regarding marriage. We are also committed in saving marriages. If you are considering marriage or having concerns about your marriage, please contact our office for assistance.

Advanced Therapeutic Concepts
Empowering Families and Communities


OUR VISION: Is to become a viable industry leader in delivering therapeutic services to at-risk youth and their families. We value ethical, professional, client-centered treatment, outcome-based therapeutic services for our children, youth and families.

Advance Therapeutic Concept’s (ATC) mission is to “Empower Families and Communities for Healthy Living.”

ATC believes in providing accessibility to treatment for all consumers in various situations and circumstances and is equipped to respond within two hours of initial contact. Our afterhours accessibility plan includes all emergency calls after 5pm being automatically routed to the on-call licensed clinician. The on-call licensed clinician will rotate on a weekly basis. All after hours and weekend calls will automatically be forwarded to the company’s cell phone of the on-call clinician. The on-call clinician will assess each after hours call for urgency of need and treatment and will make a determination of whether the consumer needs to be seen immediately or an appointment can be made for the next business day.

There is an on-call team consisting of a fully licensed therapist, an addiction counselor, and a paraprofessional. Should a consumer need to be seen immediately, the on-call clinician will assigned a staff-person from the on-call team based on medical necessity. More several, critical problems will be handled by a licensed clinician and less severe problems will be handle by a paraprofessional or addiction counselor.